The Budget Prepper 1A

The Budget Prepper 1A

Earthquake, wildfire, economic crash, systemic power outage, meteor strike, zombie plague. Does the idea of being prepared for some natural (or otherwise) disaster sound like a good idea but you frankly don’t have any money or time, or you’re like me, a little on the lazy side? Well I thought it might be a good thing to see if I couldn’t come up with a few ideas for anyone in that list above.

February 12, 2017 the residents of the town of Oroville and it’s environs were given1 whole hour to gather up their family, pets, and a few possessions and evacuate the area. Imagine this, it’s 4p.m. on a Sunday when you and everyone in your town gets the order to be out in 1 hour. What do you do?

This is number 1 in a series of budget prepping. Following is a list of questions, some apply, some don’t and some are frankly ridiculous, and you will probably have a few of your own to add. If you do share them with us, please. So print these out, grab a notebook and pen and grab a beer and whoever you share your life with that is old enough to have something to add to the discussion and do a little guided brainstorming.


1.)   Who is going?

2.)   Who is present?

3.)   Where are those that aren’t present?

4.)   Are they coming to you, are you going to them or are you meeting somewhere else? If so, where and how are you getting there?

5.)   What about pets?

6.)   What about food? For humans and nonhumans.

7.)   FIRE DRILL! If you had only 3 minutes to get anything out of your home, what would it be? Make a list to answer this question and if it’s something like documents or photos, organise them and put them somewhere that you can grab them quickly if you need to.

8.)   Got any cash? Silly question for many of us, I know. I used to never have cash because, frankly, I didn’t earn enough, now I earn a bit more but I still never have cash. Whether you are simply short on cash or you live most of your life on your ATM you need to squirrel away SOME cash. A couple of hundred dollars could be incredibly helpful in an emergency. I know… at least try!

9.)   If you knew that you were going to have to live for a week in some sort of shelter, what should you bring? Clothes, meds., pillows, books(the paper kind), hygiene products, pet food and meds., a radio, a flashlight, batteries for a radio and a flashlight, beach chairs, sleeping bags, air mattress, a towel…

10.)                What do you have to do to your home if you’re going to be away for a week or more? Does everyone else know what and how to do these things? They need to as you might not be there.

11.)                Are you packing? This might be a no brainer or it might be a big discussion. Are you bringing a gun and ammo? This question is not on the table for some it’s either HELL NO or it’s Hell YES! But what about the person that has a gun that hasn’t really thought about this question? If you own a gun but you’re not really into shooting now is a good time to figure this one out, don’t wait for the last minute.

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